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About Me

I am a country girl living in the suburbs, a small price to pay to have married my incredible husband. I am also a homeschooling mother of 4 precious children. My passion is finding ways to keep my family healthy naturally. I am a self-taught nutritionist, herbalist and aromatherapist, and have been learning about these topics for more than 15 years. After all this time, I am still amazed by what God has put in our earth for us to be healthy! I enjoy making herbal products such as teas, body oils, bath salts, soaps… and a few other things as well. Before having children, I sold my products online and in stores across the country and also made specially blended teas for people with specific health issues that conventional medicine could not seem to help.

Our Story


I love natural health and being able to use what God gave us.

Here are some of my logos and things I've done.

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Natural Health Blog

Home schooling 4 kiddos has made little time for writing...maybe someday I'll have time to write again 🙂

I remember this first time one of my posts went viral - wow was that fun to see it hit 10,000 shares in a short time


God's Green Earth Inc

My Original Product Line

Over 20 years ago we had an online store and I sold my own Essential Oils and Herbs...

We also had some of our products like bath salts in stores in Wisconsin, Arizona and Illinois

Next Steps...

I would love to have you join me in learning more about natural health. If you are interested, I would suggest that you join me and become a fellow Young Living Distributor.